Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Point

There is no arriving at your

The point changes based on where you look
And what you ask of it
It has no preference for it is
Always before you
But should you look to the side
                                                   It will be there

It is almost nothing
And it is everything
Or of it everything might be born

It is you and more than you
You of course are more than you
You are one with all points of the universe

Your point of view is not the point of view
But informs it

The point informs you too

It is ever changing yet still

There are no seven steps to the point
But back and forth and up and down and round
And round and round will do

You might start or end there
Or anywhere to arrive at the beginning again

If it were otherwise the point would have
Already arrived at its destination
And the game would be over

No more dice to toss onto the plane
No longer any to cherish
For what they might foretell

No more jokers or Queens
No more point to pull another card and see
The brush of wind
Or breath of sea
It would always be the card you wanted
Before you dreamed the one you never knew.

by a me

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